SIB Visions

Our philosophy

Almost every company which uses software to support business processes will sooner or later face the problem that a diverse range of applications and technologies coexist. This makes maintenance more difficult, increases administration efforts and renders the software landscape very complex.

We believe that there is always an easy way out and therefore we made our vision „Simplify IT business“.

With our innovative approach, our high quality requirements and our clear customer orientation, we focus on reaching the following goals:

Simplification of the software landscape

We will revolutionize the development of Enterprise applications with our products. Our main focus lies on the ability to maintain the software, reuse it and render it vendor independent. We believe that good things must not always cost money and therefore use Open Source.

High quality solutions

Every solution that leaves our office must meet the highest quality standards - whether it is a document or an individual piece of software. To fulfill these standards, we take all customer feedback into account.

Comprehensive approach

When creating specifications and software, we take a comprehensive look at the company processes, we try to fully understand the technical area and question critically so as to attain the best results possible. Our quality standard is only reached once all these open questions have been answered.

Reliable partner

We are a partner whose handshake truly counts. We are responsible, trust worthy and not afraid of any challenges.Personalized customer care is important for us and even more important is customer satisfaction!

The company

Behind SIB Visions, there lies a trained team of specialists with many years of experience in the areas of consulting, project management, software testing and the development of individual software.

Our Know How is visible in the following areas:

  • Energy management, espacially in the areas of gas, electricity and heating
  • Freight logistics, espacially in the areas of rail and package services
  • Document management
  • High-availability solutions
  • Efficient development of Enterprise applications
  • Software testing
  • Analysis of company processes

Our approach to new challenges is based on the motto Together we can make a change.