Individual Software

Based on a requirements catalogue and a detailed function and system specification, we develop your individual software in an iterative and flexible manner.

What makes the difference:

  • Based on your requirements, we develop with as much flexibility as possible
  • You can view or make use of the current development status at any time
  • We consistently test and document and can provide necessary reports at any time
  • We implement complex problems competently (e.g.: simulations, processing of large data sets, and many more)
  • We have long-standing experience in the development and implementatoin of large and complex software projects

How do we proceed:

  • Together we define the extent of the project and the approach to take
  • We make use of our templates for project handbooks, protocols, status reports, test cases, etc.
  • We use the prototype from the specification and, based on it, create an Enterprise application
  • We build in technical base modules and adapt them to the project and client requirements
  • We test in a detailed and structured way based on the test scenarios which we define together with the customer

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