Specification and Prototype

Our strengths include the preparation of a requirement catalogue and of a technical specification including the prototype of your future individualized software.

What makes the difference:

  • We analyze in detail, question critically, grasp and understand your technical area in no time
  • Together we collect te requirements, reveal the connections and constructively identify gaps
  • We specify a comprehensive and homogenous client solution matched exactly to your needs and reveal possible future scenarios
  • While we specify for you, we are developing a prototype with VisionX to fully examine the application in practice.

How do we proceed:

  • Together we define how the specification project will be organized and decide on the content and the level of detail of the specification document
  • We use a building block system based on 10 years of experience
  • For typical requirements, we show you possible solutions from our extensive palette of solutions possibilities (e.g.: User/Roles/Rights administration, protocolisation to versioning, and many more)
  • Together we define masks, processes and interfaces in an understandable way
  • We make use of flipcharts, graphics and screenshots
  • We create evolutionary prototypes which is the base for high-availability enterprise applications already.

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