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Increase your efficiency today and develop your database applications easily yourself. 

We are offering each edition of VisionX as a monthly subscription or as an one-time purchase of a standalone, time unlimited, license. VisionX is a stand-alone software which will run on your system in your environment. 

from € 160
from € 315
Features of Desktop Edition   checkmark16   checkmark16
Features of Enterprise Edition       checkmark16
E-Mail Support,
working days between 10 am and 4 pm (CET)
  checkmark16   checkmark16
Additional features and extensions   Option help12   Option help12


from € 2.495
from € 4.995
Create database applications
(without IT Know How)
  checkmark16   checkmark16
Access to ready-made solutions   checkmark16   checkmark16
Creates forms with Drag & Drop   checkmark16   checkmark16
Create forms and screens from existing
CSV data
  checkmark16   checkmark16
Create forms and screens with existing databases   checkmark16   checkmark16
Company- process and rules automation   checkmark16   checkmark16
Make corporate data available online   checkmark16   checkmark16
User, roles and rights management   checkmark16   checkmark16
Search and find corporate data   checkmark16   checkmark16
Create field validations   checkmark16   checkmark16
Take care of user inputs in user-defined actions   checkmark16   checkmark16
Create user-defined actions (commands,
conditions, loops)
  checkmark16   checkmark16
Create reports and analysis   checkmark16   checkmark16
Word (.rtf) report format support   checkmark16   checkmark16
Export/backup of applications   checkmark16   checkmark16
Import/Copy of applications   checkmark16   checkmark16
Integrate external databases   checkmark16   checkmark16
Manage documents 
  checkmark16   checkmark16
Multi-language support for applications   checkmark16   checkmark16
Signature support   checkmark16   checkmark16
Fast user switching   checkmark16   checkmark16
Create Online help   checkmark16   checkmark16
Live Preview of online help   checkmark16   checkmark16
Live Preview as Java application in Webbrowser   checkmark16   checkmark16
Use templates for forms and screens       checkmark16
Use application templates       checkmark16
Create user-defined AddOns       checkmark16
Export an application as
Web Application Archiv (.war)
Install an application on Tomcat       checkmark16
Install an application on Glassfish       checkmark16
Install an application on Wildfly       checkmark16
Install an application on Cloudbees       checkmark16
Multi-user environment and VisionX installation
on existing applicationserver
VisionX installation in existing database       checkmark16
HTML5 applications and Live preview       Option help12
Install an application on desktop   Option help12   Option help12
Create Excel (.xls) reports   Option help12   Option help12
Import Excel (.xls) reports   Option help12   Option help12
Live Preview on mobile iOS devices   Option help12   Option help12
Create Liferay Portlets       Option help12
Live Preview of Liferay Portlets       Option help12
Extension for Java Developer help12
Create functional/requirement specifications   checkmark16   checkmark16
Create database documentation   checkmark16   checkmark16
Example project for AddOn development       checkmark16
Documentation for Developers       checkmark16
Example project for Vaadin AddOn integration       checkmark16
Documentation for Vaadin AddOns       checkmark16
Extend GUI Builder       checkmark16
View Source Code of Actions       checkmark16
Create XML reports       Option help12
Import XML reports       Option help12
Webservice for report import       Option help12
Eclipse Plugin       Option help12
Extension for Oracle Forms help12
Oracle Forms support       Option help12
Oracle Forms library       Option help12
FMB conversion       Option help12
Manage server-side Storages       Option help12
Directly edit SQL       Option help12
Forms AddOn       Option help12
Repeating frames       Option help12
Extension for Ready-made solutions help12
Offer own solutions   Option help12   Option help12
Installation in own Infrastructure       Option help12

All prices without VAT. All information is supplied without guarantee. Subject to changes. 

VisionX License Terms

*   Developer is a Person who creates Applications with VisionX. You don't pay additional fees for users of created applications, if they don't use VisionX.
**   An Option is not included in the offered price and has to be ordered separately. 
***   An Extension is not included in the offered price and has to be ordered separately.