Interface IWindowDeactivatedListener

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public interface IWindowDeactivatedListener

Platform and technology independent window deactivated listener definition. It is designed for use with AWT, Swing, SWT, JSP, JSF, ... .

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Method Summary
 void windowDeactivated(UIWindowEvent pWindowEvent)
          Invoked when a Window is no longer the active Window.

Method Detail


void windowDeactivated(UIWindowEvent pWindowEvent)
                       throws Throwable
Invoked when a Window is no longer the active Window. Only a Frame or a Dialog can be the active Window. The native windowing system may denote the active Window or its children with special decorations, such as a highlighted title bar. The active Window is always either the focused Window, or the first Frame or Dialog that is an owner of the focused Window.

pWindowEvent - the window event.
Throwable - if there is an error.

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