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Efficient Migration & Modernization

Oracle Forms solutions are large, powerful, and often the centerpiece of the organization. Finding a replacement that is able to satisfy current requirements as well as the need for new technology can be a challenge. Step-by-step migration is just as important as the implementation of mobile applications. Ideally the existing team of developers, with all of its technical, business, and application specific knowledge should be used for the conversion and the continued maintenance and support. Of course there is also the need to retain the established development efficiency after the conversion.  

Use efficient web and mobile technologies with your existing team of developers

VisionX Development Platform

VisionX is the most efficient development platform for Java-based ERP solutions. The VisionX migration function can be used for a step-by-step conversion of your Oracle Forms solution to a modern Java application. During this process, the business logic is retained in the Oracle database, and 80% of the screens are quickly converted with a few clicks. GUI and Forms Blocks can be transferred from the FMBs. Screens can also be created wizard assisted based on the data model and adaptable generators. The remaining 20%, as well as screens requiring special functionality, can be developed easily and transparently using the VisionX tools. 

Efficient development platform including best practice Forms migration support

Integrated Use of Java & Forms

The migrated Java screens can easily be embedded in the existing Forms solution as JavaBeans. This eliminates the need for parallel development during the migration phase.

Homogenous Java Integration for Forms 6i, 10g and 11g

Web, Mobile und Desktop Applications

After the user interface is created once, the application can be run as a desktop, web, or mobile application. The use of a single sourcing mechanism allows for the future switch to new GUI technology without changes to the source code.



Applications developed using VisionX only use open source frameworks. This means that you are truly supplier independent and can contribute to further development.

Save Licensing Fees

You can use an application server of your choice, which saves the annual support cost of the Oracle WebLogic server. Current users of Forms 6i also save the licensing cost for the Oracle WebLogic server.