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Streamline your business

Company data is often managed using Word and EXCEL. After a while, multiple EXCEL lists can become a problem. Maintaining files takes up an increasing amount of time, data collection efforts are often duplicated, and the frequency of errors rises. Depending on the size of the organization, standard software or an industry specific ERP system is often purchased or contemplated. The problem is that these products often do not satisfy all requirements, or they have to be adapted to the company's processes, which takes time and money.

Customized business software that provides optimal support for your processes is the solution!

Easily created with VisionX

VisionX allows you to create your own database solutions that satisfy all of your organization's specific requirements. Manage customer data, organize projects, create reports and accomplish many other tasks. VisionX helps you improve your processes, reduce cost and operate more efficiently. Work on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, on the web or on the desktop in the office; your data is always secure and centrally stored on the server. You can modify and edit your application anytime to meet new requirements and therefore remain completely independent.

You can now create solutions that were previously only affordable for large companies!

Convert from EXCEL to a Database

Use VisionX to convert an excel list to a database solution with just a few clicks. It is as easy as working with EXCEL. Of course lists can also be imported from word or other programs. Data can then be edited, evaluated or reported using a web browser, a desktop application or a tablet or smartphone. The information is stored centrally and is provided to the relevant groups of users depending on their access rights. There is no need to adapt operations to the software – instead, the software adapts to your organization and your processes.

Create your own database solution – it's easy!