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VisionX is the most open and flexible Low Code Platform,                              which enables business users and developers to build the                                 applications they need to deliver results.
SIB Visions - simplify IT business

We build enterprise applications incredibly quickly and efficiently.

It’s essential to understand customer and business requirements in order to create the best solution. At SIB Visions, we believe that there is always an easy way in delivering the applications your business needs; hence our vision, ”Simplify IT business“.

Applications built with our solutions

Taxi booking:

is a taxi booking Web and mobile application for a Viennese Taxi Agency. A local alternative to uber.

Training Course ERP:

is a Desktop Application to plan, manage, and invoice training courses in training centers with over 10.000 unemployed participants per year.

Pension insurance web portal:

enables the members (=doctors) of the NAEV to view their pension information and perform services online or mobile.

Further Products from SIB Visions

PLAU is a product for AMS training providers (AMS Bildungsträger) to offer efficient planning and execution of AMS training projects. This includes the scheduling of trainers, participants and rooms, the creation of frequency lists, eAMS messages and a flexible reporting system.
Energy+ is a product designed for the energy market. Energy+ consists of different modules such as time management, formula repository, process-, contract-, nomination- and scheduling-management. Energy+ provides high modularity and flexibility alongside high performance at a small footprint.

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